Did You Know?

Did You Know?

Did you know that Apeiron owns 14 acres of land at the Jockey Club, including large portions of the property often referred to as the ‘common area’?

Apeiron purchased 14 acres of land at the Jockey Club in 2014 and owns the property outright. This property includes the main guardhouse, the area encompassing the tennis courts, footprint of the previous Jockey Club clubhouse, internal roads, and the marina, among other features. Apeiron looks forward to making meaningful improvements to its property and to improving security and maintenance to the benefit of all Jockey Club residents.


Did you know that Apeiron recently made important improvements to the Jockey Club grounds?

Last week, Apeiron purchased and installed critical pump components to the long-neglected lift station, ensuring that units remain clean and free of sewage backups. This urgent repair was long overdue and was never properly addressed by previous management. Additionally, Apeiron made necessary repairs to potholes and the damaged catch basin and pavers at the driveway in front of Jockey Club II, which likewise were never addressed under previous management.


Did you know that the Apeiron at the Jockey Club development will include the complete reconstruction of the Jockey Club mega-yacht marina?

The Jockey Club marina is one of the only deep-water marinas in upper Biscayne Bay with no bridges to open water, but it has completely unusable for many years. Apeiron will fully rebuild the marina, delivering a brand new 50-slip facility capable of handling luxury yachts from 50- to over 150-feet and built to the highest industry standards.


Did you know that Apeiron has offered to build new swimming pools, gyms and community rooms for Jockey I and II?

Apeiron remains willing to pay for the construction of two new swimming pools – one for Jockey Club I and another for Jockey Club II – that will be at least as large as the existing pools and include the latest lighting systems and pool technology. Furthermore, Apeiron has offered to build a free-standing structure for each building that would house a new gym and club room. Importantly, the land where the pool and gym/club room would be built would be deeded over to the HOAs instead of the 99-year easements currently in place for their pools.


Did you know that Apeiron is legally entitled to build at the Jockey Club?

On July 5, the 11th Circuit Court in Miami-Dade County ruled that Apeiron is legally entitled to develop the land that it owns at the Jockey Club. Furthermore, the Court ruled that Apeiron is fully entitled to maintain the common areas at the Jockey Club, which fall within the property that it owns. Apeiron looks forward to delivering a first-rate project, new community amenities and improved maintenance services to the Jockey Club.


Did you know The Jockey Club was originally conceived – and in fact functioned for many years – as a hotel community?

In its heyday, The Jockey Club was a popular destination for Miamians and out-of-town visitors, alike, anchored by the social club. In fact, the majority of the units at Jockey Club 1 and 2 were designed with a lock-out room and two doors to each unit from the hallway so that owners could rent out a room while maintaining residence in the remaining portion of the unit.

Apeiron at the Jockey Club will revive this energy and excitement for existing Jockey residents and guests by offering unparalleled amenities, exceptional dining, exquisite design, and the promise of highly-customized services and experiences.


Did you know Apeiron is adding a new entrance and exit at 111th Street to improve accessibility for Jockey Club residents?

Apeiron will construct a new, resident-only entry/exit at 111th Street, further enhancing accessibility to the Jockey Club property for current residents. Additionally, Apeiron will set the main security gate further back from its current location to prevent backups onto Biscayne Boulevard.


Did you know Apeiron at the Jockey Club is proposing to build less than one-third of the residential units it is legally entitled to build in part to help preserve current residents’ views of the bay?

Apeiron believes its current proposed site plan achieves an ideal balance for the Jockey Club community by adding a new residential condominium building and hotel on its property without losing the existing open campus feel of the community, and with the least impact on existing view corridors to Biscayne Bay. Although the County has confirmed Apeiron’s ability to build more than 800 units on its property as of right, Apeiron’s Phase I proposes only 120 residential units and 90 hotel rooms in a plan that has received the full support and recommended approval of County staff.


Did you know Apeiron has a representative onsite at the Jockey Club who can answer your questions and address any concerns?

Apeiron’s professional property management partner, KW Property Management, has a representative onsite at the Jockey Club Tennis Pro Shop Monday through Friday from 2:00 to 6:00pm. Please stop by the Pro Shop and visit. If you have a question or concern but are unable to visit in person, you can also reach Apeiron’s onsite manager at 305-742-1891 or via e-mail at pm@apeironmiami.com.